Monday, October 16, 2006

All the things I love to do.

Mmm, drinking with friends, chatting about blogging and other nerdy topics, and dancing the night away. As you all know, I’m a grizzled old veteran when it comes to these blogger happy hours. But this one was particularly exciting as new blogger HH host extraordinaire i-66 was hosting his first one after being passed the torch by Kathryn (who was missed).

Okay, my homegirl Kassy K swung by my place for a little drinkie drink before and then we headed over to the Big Hunt just as BAL, Scott and that crazy crew were rolling in. All was well as I quickly began meeting new bloggers and taking shots with familiar faces. I think I chatted with more “new” people than I have in a while so that was fun. I’d say a personal highlight was lounging on the pool table and talking to several guys about their (and their girls’) astrological signs and giving them my rough cut interpretation. It was the cutest thing to see them sort of dumbfounded at how well I was able to assess their situations. Ah, one of my favorite parlor tricks. One of the participants, Ar-jew-tino, believes I am a witch.

I also assisted in the groping of VK , which is something all the ladies love. I got to chat with Pat from DcBlogs about a couple things we have cookin' and was very entertained when a couple people asked him if running DCBlogs was fulltime job. Then Mr. BAL and I had some words about who is really the best drinker…PS I think I won on Friday, Mr. Glassy-glass. The VP of Dior and I got a much need catch-up session (and is it me or that girl just get hotter and hotter every time I see her?). It was also great to chat with the fab Brunch Bird and her charming significant other a.k.a birthday boy (who I also saw on the Metro later that weekend, BTW) as well as several Red Ladies and dear Miss Heather and Ashburnite.

Then we went to Steve’s Ballroom for some dancing and drinking. Steve’s was the usual fun, but I will say one of the funnier moments was when I was adjusting my tank top and oops, ol’ leftie popped out to say hello. I don’t think any bloggers were able to check out my goods, but I saw some dude with a really funny look on his face so I am pretty sure it didn’t go unnoticed. Oh, and thanks to Kassy’s darling friend for the empanada that saved my life. I had no dinner and was headed toward disaster.

A toast to all you bloggers and the fun times we had.

PS I wanted to post these hot pictures to go with since i have no photos, but alas, blogger is being a cunt.


Blogger Sean said...

This "How to of the day" showed up on my homepage last week. Since you have "amazing powers" when it comes to asstrology, check it out and see if any of it sounds familiar.'s-Astrological-Sign

So Ar-jew-tino can rest assured that you're not a witch.

Maybe ;-)

2:46 PM  
Blogger V said...

Ha ha, you never quit :)

1:02 PM  
Blogger NotCarrie said...

Blogger has been cunty a lot lately.jz

3:13 PM  

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