Thursday, August 03, 2006

Win with Jesus and Cigarette Policy

It should be no surprise to you who I'm hoping will win this year's WSOP main event (worth about 12 million dollars to first prize).

And, as AP reported just a few hours ago, my pick is looking good:

Chris "Jesus" Ferguson put his tournament on the line twice Tuesday, both times catching helpful cards at the World Series of Poker and turning a below-average stack into more than enough chips to remain a contender in the main event.

Ferguson had about 84,000 chips.

"I've been all-in with the worst hand and won both times," said Ferguson, who won the WSOP main event in 2000. "I'm willing to get my money in on a coin flip."

Both times, Ferguson acknowledged, his odds were worse than 50-50.

After about three hours of play on the fifth day of the world's largest tournament, 1,085 of the 1,637 who played Tuesday remained in the hunt for a top prize of more than $11.5 million.

In other poker news, Slate had a nice piece about online poker restrictions and why we need to find some middle ground to solve all this gambling hypocrisy. The author recommends the cigarette approach:
There is, however, a path between libertarianism and prohibition—the mildly paternalistic approach that nearly all Western countries now take toward cigarettes. This model says that gambling shouldn't be prohibited, but that it must be regulated—both to protect gamblers from themselves and to protect nongamblers from the externalities of gambling. Following this model, gambling would be basically legal. But state and local authorities would decide where it could and could not take place. They would make sure it isn't crooked, the way the Nevada Gaming Commission does. And they'd tax the beejezus out of it—both to discourage an activity we don't want a great deal more of in our society and to raise painless revenue from what is already approaching a $100 billion-per-year business.


Blogger Sean said...

I didn't relise apes could play cards. I knew they could smoke, but for Chrissakes, next thing you know they'll be calling themselves Jesus. Where does it end? What does it mean?

2:48 PM  
Blogger PRSlaveDC said...

I'm a big Daniel Negreanu fan, but if Jesus were to win his 2nd main event, I'd be pretty impressed and happy for him.

Just seems like the odds are always against the pros now because so many bad players think they can win, they play bad hands and get lucky on the river.

3:38 PM  
Blogger V said...

Sean: I'm totally complicated

PRslave: Yeah, Negreanu fun to watch (And still doing well at WSOP I think), and while you're right it is more difficult to win with thousands of players (many of them pretty bad), it's always going to take a lot luck when it comes to winning the big one.

3:45 PM  
Blogger Needtsza said...

I see you were at the same State affair that a couple of my friends were at, oh so many months ago.

Cool! Heard Chris is a really nice guy.

Are you a real poker fan?

and sorry to miss y'all tonight. I'm in NY

6:17 PM  

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