Friday, May 05, 2006

Happy Hookergate

Sure, it's not official, but the possiblity is too good to ignore.

Like everyone else counting down the hours until the happiest of all (HHH), I have taken a particular delight in all the murmuring about the possible Hooker scandal brewing. And, as we all know, this town only takes blow jobs seriously.

So just a couple hours ago, CIA director Porter Goss resigned. I was pretty sympathetic to his claim of just having some card games (how was he to know they were hookers, the way girls dress these days??) But more serious murmurings lately have pointed to a little more. Then, the brother ups and resigns.

Some questions:
Why now? While Goss is resigning during the “shake-up” at the White House, it has also been rumored that this morning certain papers detailing Watergate “visitors” were subpoenaed (if true, could that be more obvious?).

If you are going to run a hooker ring for Republicans, why pick the Watergate? I mean really, of ALL THE BUILDINGS in DC that are conducive for sex, why there? Repubs really need to put the kibosh on any plans involving the Watergate, ever.

Why hasn’t any major publication broken this yet? What was so cool about Watergate was that Woodward and Bernstein were ahead of the curve at every turn.

Who is involved and for how long? There was this interesting post in the comment section on Wonkette that is serious fodder for conspiracy theorists involving a former staff member of Goss who “apparently killed himself."

Here’s some more links for your hooker scandal needs:
Lots of background

Lots of guessing


Anonymous jessica said...

Reading this made my butt hurt in memoriam. I hope the gals got more than a fucking blender and cab fare.

4:36 AM  
Blogger O-FACE said...

Pleasure is my job---Paris Hilton

Technically, gov't has always had ho's walking the halls of freedom.

12:01 PM  

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