Friday, March 24, 2006

Weekend Round-up: I Hate the Hill Part Deux.

V Note: While searching google images for a shot of the hill for this post, I came across this little treasure. I knew sex with Baptists was boing for a reason.

So I’m pitching an event that has something to do with a state (that vague enough for you). I am only talking to reporters and hill staff. That’s it. I have zero idea about Members of Congress invited, etc.

I get an IRATE phone call from a “special assistant” to this congressman. She is pissed because she was not aware we were doing this event and did her congressman get a special invitation? Is he going to be able to speak? After this little bitch out she asks: “be frank with you.” Frank, I didn’t realize she was holding back.

So she talks for ten minutes about all this cheesy backbiting shit. I mean on and on and I keep explaining “I’m not really in any of these conversations, ever.” It was absurd. She keeps talking about disrespecting the people of X state, purposeful snub because he’s not running for reelection supposedly, etc. For the 100th time I explain that indeed, this is quite an injustice. I will check on it and get right back to her.

Yeah. Still haven’t called her back. Probably not going to for a couple days. He’s lame duck, who cares?


How does she look in the mirror and go, "yeah, that looks good, I'm going with dress that makes them look even more fake than I could have ever dreamed!"

Tara Reid is straight up on the Anna Nicole Smith plan. Sister knows it's no where but down, however you want to take that. I mean just look at them LOOK AT THEM.

Tara reminds me of my friend growing up. She could fill up that size B bra at an age earlier than most. When boys would ask for her to tie their shoes, she would happily oblige. When I told her that they were doing it to look down her shirt, she was shocked! And, she proceeded to tie them again. It's not that my friend was a slut bag (yet), she just knew, you know. What they wanted. And, she saw no better course than to let them have it.

Again and again even if all her friends knew.


Blogger RoarSavage said...

A friend of mine just got back from Spring Break in the Bahamas. Evidently there were a lot of girls there like Tara and your friend.
I could *NOT* believe the stories he came back with.

12:55 PM  
Blogger Phil said...

Just tell your friend on the Hill the Playaz took the last 5 invitations, and will be speaking at length on why her state is for losers.

1:22 PM  
Blogger Heather B. said...

question: was this special assistant from the same unhelpful office who you were previously corresponding with?

1:36 PM  
Blogger V said...

Roar: Word, it's crazy what these ladies do.

Phil: Done and done.

Heather: Nope, incompetence is all around.

2:28 PM  

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