Friday, March 17, 2006

Weekend Round-up: Green rocks and blue balls

Well, luck o’ the Irish to ya! St. Pat’s harkens me back to those college days filled with kegs and eggs at the local tavern. For the first time all semester everyone was up early enough to make their 8:00 class, but alas, no one would go cause there was celebrating to do--Irish style. It was time for Guinness, Jameson and more Guiness. Followed by runny eggs you know you’d be seeing again before lunch time. What a day!

Now that I’m not in college, I still am getting up early, but the only celebrating is my administrative assistant’s sweater with a big green shamrock on it. That’s almost as cool, eh. Would it be inappropriate for me to send an office e-mail challenging others to a car bomb drinking contest in the shared kitchen in the name of St. Patrick?

Of course when I think St. Pat’s, I think Pabst! That’s right, tonight I am going to be nestling in the sweet confines of the Raven and hipster it out tonight w/ my girlfriend. I have never been to the Raven, but I know they’re going to have PBR and emo!!!

Pretty soon I am about to go to the hill for a meeting, but I am a little upset because I missed Jessica Simpson by just a few measly hours. As Wonkette reported she was on the hill for some project involving butt sex w/ co-stars and horse faces. No I’m kidding! She was on the hill for something charitable (wah, like an effin in the A from Johnny Knoxville isn’t charity….touché).

As "the other V” blogger, here is some hot virgin news.

This top Victoria Secret model is a virgin! That’s probably some pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty bad news for Derek Jeter who dated GQ's “World’s Most Voluptuous Virgin” for something like a year. And you were blaming Joe Torre, pshaw.

And, finally, this is THE weekend when I finally get through "Dog Days" by Ana Marie Cox. I had committed to reviewing it and giving an AMC vs. Jessica Cutler review, but I got distracted while reading it by some paint drying on the wall. But, I'm back on it, folks so stay tuned. For more info on recent flare ups check out Mike's recap.


Blogger Virgle Kent said...

If I had known about Jessica Simpson at the hill, I would have protested by throwing packets of KY at her while yelling “take a long one in the wrong one Daisy”

The news about Adriana broke my heart, that’s just not nice, now I know there’s no God.

3:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

She's a virgin? Damn! Let's hope it's not for religious reasons (but why else would she be a virgin...unless she's just a big tease)or soon she will be the spokesperson for christian teen abstinence. And she is way too hot for christians.

4:13 PM  
Blogger VP of Dior said...

i'm still shocked she's a virgin. i featured her on my Friday Boobies last week.

8:51 PM  

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