Friday, February 03, 2006

Weekend Thoughts: Happy Juice, now with more pulp

V Note: I need a drink, happy Friday.

Some thoughts for your weekend:


Boy makes new friend at school. New friend hangs out at house a lot. New friend really warms up to boy’s mom. Boy’s mom really warms up to friend. Warms up turns into bun in oven and 15-year old boy marries 37-year old mom in November. Mom is arrested for child molestation for her relationship with the boy. Boy taken to foster home and runs away. Mom still hopes to make a life with the boy and their baby.


This is taken from a comment on Pajiba: “I've never really understood the whole backlash against fake breasts. They're not my personal cup of tea, but I would think they would be seen as a great social equalizer since women (and some men) no longer have to luck out genetically to have a body shape that they're pleased with. But it's whatever.”

This is an interesting perspective. Aren’t there many ways in which money is okay to advance you looks…tanning, highlights, makeup, aren’t breast implants just a more extreme version of an already broken maximum about “natural” beauty.

However, another equally good response from another commenter: “The backlash against fake boobs is happening because they have become so mainstream that all women are judged against our salined sisters. And for those of us who would rather not endure an extremely painful procedure that winds up making our num-nums less sensitive(!), we can get a bit testy.”

And another:

“The reason for the boob jobs, tanning salons and Pilates asses... Is so guys have something to look at as their disinterested eyes slide off these women's faces like teflon… It saddens me that far more gorgeous women walking down the street are passed over everyday (and left by dumbass boyfriends and husbands) because it seems that most of the male population has a fixation on these women of non-description, who are just featureless enough to look like anyone the beholder might desire, if they just squint a little. The only thing more lack-lustre than their faces are their personalities. If dumb and unthreatening are desirable qualities in a mate, then the evolution of our species is doomed.”

And finally:

“There is nothing funnier than women ripping men for likeing Jessica Simpson, or Alba, or any of the others. It's ridiculous. Listen - I'm married. To a lovely woman. Not a perfect physical specimen - she's short, she's got a big butt. But godDAMN am I hot for her. So obviously I don't hold women to some bizarre hollywood standard and only look for Simpson-esque examples. But that doesn't change the face that JS [Jessica Simpson] is incredibly attractive. Yes, I know she's probably fake, dumb, blah blah blah. Who gives a shit. I'll tell you what - I'll stop ogling chicks like Simpson, when the wife stops ogling Brad Pitt. until then, save the sexism diatribe for someone who gives a shit.”

What does Captain McAllister say?
"Arr, newbies Be Takin the Wheel? So I says to me bostens, 'batten down the missenmast, Matees, I be cautiously optimistic..."


Blogger Barbara said...

It's hard to believe the Yikes story is real. But then I grew up in a small southern town and I suppose I could see this happening. I remember the story of a woman who at a very late age ended up with a baby. Everyone speculated that she had worn a pillow for 6 months and that the baby was really her daughter's. But no one every knew for sure about the real parentage of young Ruthie McElvey.

9:28 PM  
Blogger Asian Mistress said...

Where did my long comment go?? :(

I also wanted to add that Tara has ugly nipples.

11:44 PM  
Blogger I-66 said...

Real or fake, I love them equally.

11:19 AM  
Blogger RoarSavage said...

...Spoken like a guy. The fact that Tara Reid keeps flashing those things "by accident" is proof of one of two things. Either her nipple in-sensitivity is off the charts (and could you blame her, with the seemingly teeth-marked nips she's sporting) or she's a HUGE exhibitionist whose career is in the toilet. ...wait.

3:06 PM  
Blogger V said...

B: Growin up in OK I heard a few of those myself

AM: Not sure...blogger does really suck--and TR is nasty

i-66: :)

RS: Actually, those are stitches from when she got her tits done, and you are right HUGE exhibitionist.

4:58 PM  

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