Monday, February 20, 2006

40 outta 150 ain’t bad

I played in a poker tourney on Saturday. And, in addition to reveling in the glory that is Fast Eddie’s of Fairfax, I also had a good time and was the 40th person out (which ain't bad for a newbee like me). The guy who runs it is nice (bit pervy), he definitely mentioned me and my friends coming over and playing strip pokers about 87 times. Yeah, gross. It also occurred to me that if a girl is looking to meet a young guy, playing poker might be a good way to do that. I would preface such action with the idea that poker does often draw a certain type of fellow. So be warned. However, out of 150 people, there were maybe 20 girls, and you'd probably be at the top of the hottie list.

In other news, I’m tired as hell and have to keep taking it until this press conference at work is over. How did I spend my prez day? On the phone with reporters in Wyoming and Ohio. Yeah, choice.

I am also a little tired because my friend got into a car accident right after she dropped me off last night. She was hit by a taxi cab. And let me tell you, it was a damn cold night to be hanging out waiting for the tow truck. One funny moment was when she and I were just sitting in the car with the heater on as the guy loaded the car onto the big truck. She had some paper work to fill out so we thought we’d just wait until he finished and came over with a clipboard or whatever. Instead he just got in the truck and started driving. Neither of us were very keen on riding to some lot in a funked up car being pulled behind a tow truck. My friend started honking and flashing her lights until he stopped, and we could actually get out. Hum, guess you had to be there.

In travel news, I will be in California for seven days starting this Friday. Half business and half pleasure, I am looking forward to peacing out of this cold ass place for a bit. And, I have never been to San Diego (Whale’s Vagina) or San Francisco.

I am hoping to get my camera all set-up and take lots of lovely photos like me flipping off the Golden Gate bridge. Classy.

And finally, I finally saw the exciting conclusion of Boomerang (w/Eddie Murphy) this weekend. My love for Halle knows no bounds (you can thank me later for posting this HB pic).

And, is it possible for EM to make a movie that isn't a love letter to how "hot" he is? I mean seriously, Eddie, you're cute, but I think it's more the purple leather and coke talking.


Blogger I-66 said...

Fast Eddies? That's near the old Merrifield stomping grounds - but I wasn't aware they had poker there. There's a game at Shark Club in Merrifield I know of though.

I can say that for me having a pretty lady at the table is distracting. Not that my concentration level is all that high anyway.

5:50 PM  

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