Friday, September 23, 2005

Hello Capitol File! or I hope you read better than you smell

Whew. It was DC star-studded madness last night at the premiere party for the third magazine in the DC style and fashion genre, Capitol File. This magazine is a little different because it is published by the “young and sexy” Jason Binn. He has also published other successful magazines (ASPEN PEAK, GOTHAM, HAMPTONS, and LOS ANGELES CONFIDENTIAL) and is known in certain celebrity circles for being a bit of a publicity hound, I guess.

The event was at the newly remodeled Four Seasons hotel in three of their ballrooms. It was really cute because they had a photographer set up when you entered (just like New York!) where they would take your picture like you were a hobnobbing socialite (just like New York!) and then they will publish the photos in their mag (just like New York!) .

I was first struck by the number of really, really skinny tan girls in boring black dresses. I was then struck by the number of skinny old women in inappropriate dresses. I was then struck by the amount of booze I was about to score. Nasty.

Because I am very hung over from all the martinis and champagne I guzzled, I’m just going to list what I thought was cool and uncool.

Cool: Meeting Wolf Blitzer
Uncool: Wolf’s hair more gray than piercing truth and justice-seeking hot white as appears on TV.

Cool: Free food.
Uncool: Free food made room smell like wet dog. Many people drinking martinis despite smell. People maybe have never smelled wet dog, unknowing as to what stench is permeating their new Nordstrom purchases.

Cool: Seeing how short Joe Pantoliano of Sopranos and Bad Boys 1 & 2 fame really is.
Really cool: Hearing Joey Pants say to attractive friend “I think we can get fucking out of here now.”

Cool: Feeling vindicated that I did see Bill Bellamy and was not being a stupid white girl that thinks some black guy looks like some famous black guy.
Uncool: Standing in line with Bill Bellamy for twenty minutes so I could get another martini.

Cool: Seeing Terry Mcauliffe for the third time drunk
Uncool: Not having May there to slap his ass or me taking his cigar.

Cool: Seeing Al Sharpton and George Stepanopolus.
Uncool: They both left as we were walking in

Cool: Looking like after work ass and still looking okay as people in DC don’t know how to dress.
Uncool: How people dress in DC.


Blogger Miss Penny Lane said...

Great re-cap! Wish I'd known about it; I coulda used some wet dog smell last night. (Actually, I was at work, smelling a host of Indian food vapors, so I'm not really sure who wins that one!)

11:41 AM  
Blogger Johnny said...

FREE CPMC comments!

Im taking the fight to the people :D

Now then.

Did you grab Ben Affleck's ass?

11:52 AM  
Blogger The Senator said...

Awesome article. The Dean and I only got to see Alfre Woodard and some African-American political figures at The Mayflower last night as we dined delicately on prime rib.

Tasty. But, your time was tastier, it seems. Nice work.

12:03 PM  
Anonymous cjt said...

Imagine how uncool Wolf's hair smelling like a wet dog would been.

12:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Obligatory 'awesome article.' Now LOOK WHAT *I* DID!"

"Dined delicately."


Love how they're not just "political figures," they're "African-American political figures."

12:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the Congressional Black Caucus is in town doing something...

12:21 PM  
Anonymous holiday said...

It's actually Congressional Black Caucus week. They have a big gala tomorrow night I think and parties all week long.

12:35 PM  
Blogger V said...

MPL: It was a lot fun, and I would have taken Indian food.

Johnny: I did not see Ben Affleck...but if I did I totally would have. Even if his wife is preggers.

The Senator: Wow, she's pretty hot. Did you send her over a friendly drink?

Holiday: You are right. It is CBC week and there are some super cool events all weekend.

12:56 PM  
Blogger The Senator said...

No, she wasn't there long. She was with some people I knew from politics. And, yes, she is a beautiful woman, especially in person. But, again, I think you had a much better night.

When are we going to see you again? I think we're doing Aroma after dinner. You in?

1:06 PM  
Blogger V said...

Senator: I have never experienced Aroma fully so if I can get out to your hood, I will certainly stop by.

1:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wolf is hot, hot, hot

1:27 PM  
Anonymous cpmc wiki said...

What are you doing here.. shouldnt you be deleting the cpmc wiki again?

1:46 PM  
Blogger V said...

Wiki: This is a blog drama free should have gotten the memo.

I am also amazed that you would take the time to make your site...especially since (I assume) you don't know the Senator or Kathryn. Weird.

1:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Congressional Black Caucus was here at XM last night. They had a reception with free drinks and food and there was performance by a group called Kindred.

I grabbed like 3 or 4 drinks while I was on the air. I hope I wasn't slurring my words too much! ha ha

Sounds like you had fun, though, V.

We need to hang again, soon.
Another brunch would be fun! :-)

3:26 PM  
Blogger cuff said...

20 minutes for a martini?? You have to keep standing in line just to keep your buzz up.

3:35 PM  
Blogger Kyle Foley said...

once again, o lust, you have conquered me.
i am victim to your claws, your spears and your conspiracy,
i lament your cabals, your spit-blood and your vermin,
i endure your hopelèssum, your knife-lies and your military.

the shadow once again consumes me,
the specter once again encircles me,
and the saliva-ogre once again enslaves me.

i realize it is never a good time
to lose one’s freedom from lust,
yet on the day when i anticipated
taking my 600th step out of 1,000
towards winning laura gold-glorious
escpecially wounds me with cyanide,
and pollutes my dreams with slate,
and plagues my cities with smallpox.

6:29 PM  

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