Friday, June 10, 2005

This Weekend: Buy your friends a drink

This week has been pretty shitty at work, but I would like to say that it has been made completely bearable because of good friends. It's pretty amazing the importance of a solid "urban family." For some people your urban family is even more important than your "real" family because they know you in a more uncensored and open way.

Isn't it a good feeling when something happens to you (run into an ex, call the person you shouldn't, see someone you hate) that there are several people "you have to tell" because they would understand completely and probably have a pretty good joke about it? After all, it's the day in and day out grind that really gets a person down, and the more people you have around to laugh and sympathize the better.

So as I am preparing to go to NYC with friends to see friends there, I am planning on buying them a drink to toast to all the shit that we go though together.

And, you should buy your friends a drink and give a smile this weekend because despite the fact that you're pedantic/crazy/sociopath/asshole/whatever, they listen to you, they love you.

Warms the fuckin heart, eh?


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