Monday, June 13, 2005

New York and I

I was pissed at NYC at about midnight on Saturday. My friends and I (none from NYC) had an excellent day of shopping including my buying the most amazing shoes I have ever seen. However, the evening was not going so well. After dinner at the China Club and then drinks at East of Eighth, the night went to shit.

We were rudely turned away due to not being on a guest list at an EMPTY club, we asked others for where to go (we wanted a "straight club with music we could dance to"). Yeah, so not only did most people not have an answer, but every suggestion of "that place" there were no directions or even a name to go with it.

Finally, we met up with a DJ friend at this club he spins at Shelter, but apparently Shelter doesn't really get hoppin until around 4 a.m. From 12-4, it apparently is just 25 tools and a prom party with many rude people who slosh drinks on you. Fortunately, I flirted our way out of the $30 cover there, but we still had no idea what to do.

We did smoke a cigar in the street (Cuban thank you) with the limo drivers. They didn't know where we should go either.

I was so annoyed with the City that I just told the cabby to take us to the club he takes the most people to. We go to the village and he points us in a direction, but the line is outrageous so we stumble into what my Bank of America online tells me was Ciao Stella. This ended up being a very smart move. It was a great Italian (?) restaurant turned bar at night that included live music and young and old people dancing their asses off. It felt like we were in a foreign country as the dances were more salsa and traditional Mexican. Other friends showed up, and we had a great time that lasted until 6:30. It's been a few months since I walked out of a bar after hours of dancing and drinking and seen daylight. Aside from one marriage proposal (I think he was joking) and a fizzled spontaneous trip to the Hamptons with people born in 1985 (LORD, I'm old), it was just a nice crazy evening.

The next day, my friend we were staying with showed us his Brooklyn / DUMBO/ Vinegar Hill. We brunched at Superfine a super fine spot with live music and lots of chic lesbians and hipsters. We then walked to a spectacular little park on the water with perfect views of the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. Standing their in the sun with those amazing structures and the NY skyline, all was forgiven of the big apple.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love it V- keep regailing us with stories.

2:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still yet more shameless behavior. Staying out all night in that vile wicked Sodom and Gemorrah, imbibing in the distillates of the devil, carousing and dancing in that sordid fleshpot of a Greenwich Village and even smoking cigars with lesbian limo drivers. When and where will it all end?

9:26 PM  
Blogger Elvis said...

See? This is why I can't move to NYC. I keep revisiting the issue every six months, and then remember the previous visit. Did we lose 48 hours of time uaccounted for? Yes. Did we throw away all decency and code of conduct? Yes. Did we have accounting irregularities and somehow misplaced $500? Yes. Did we lose our ability to differentiate between 5 AM and 5 PM? Yes. NYC will kick you in the crotch, stand over you triumphantly as you scratch the hardwood floor in agony, and taunt you "would you like another?" Invariably, the answer is a resounding and whimpering "yes."

11:40 PM  
Blogger Lil DC Diva said...

Thanks, V! I included you in my most recent post :-) Loved it

7:42 AM  
Blogger cuff said...

That rainstorm Saturday afternoon caught me and mine without an umbrella. We ducked into a milkshake shop, though.

11:10 AM  
Blogger V said...

Anon and anon: Thanks and not sure and am agnostic.

Elvis: you are so right, it would be the end of me if I was in NYC. I have yet to recover.

LDD: Thanks, I know you will have a blast! And, be sure to take some vodka on the bus (trust me).

Mass: Yeah we got caught in it too but it did at least cool the city off a little and make the streets somewhat less smelly.

4:59 PM  
Anonymous me said...

New York and Me.

4:30 PM  
Blogger V said...

yeah, but then it doesn't sound like a hit musical...

7:19 AM  

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