Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Left to the dogs and help

On this day Frank Llyod Wright was born and as Google illustrates with their logo and additional webpage devoted to him, he was an inventive architect and considered one of the greats. Though his buildings have never really done it for me, I do know something interesting about where one of his designs will be going.

In Miami, Oklahoma, my father bought some land from an old and mostly crazy woman. Next to this land is her house, which was designed by Wright. It is a very cool home and is considered valuable due to its uniqueness compared to other Wright designs. However, this old woman dislikes all of her relatives and only loves her dogs so she is leaving her Wright house, land and money to her housekeeper. The only caveat is that housekeeper (who barely speaks English) must continue to take care of her dog and property.

Sure I've heard of this type of thing on Park Avenue, but in the sticks?


Blogger Elvis said...

260. 260 Million people. In the United States. All those people and your dad had to buy a place from a kook. What are the odds? He couldn't, like, buy a house from a guy who burried his money in his back yard during the Depression cause he was afraid of the banks?

4:56 PM  

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