Thursday, May 05, 2005

Weekend Advice: Have a shot of tequila and say hello.

Last night after an econ final that thoroughly ripped me a new one, I met up with my classmates for a drink. This NEVER happens because I really haven't been that into getting my Master's and also I really like my friends, but they are a full time gig.

Wow, this is getting boring:
1 shot of Petron Silver (they were out of Gold)
2 Coronas
5 Citron on the rocks
and I feel relaxed and chatty enough to talk to strangers.

And, I realized something I forgot: meeting new people is awesome.

You can totally bust out your old material, and they eat that shit up. I was in my "saucy V" mode and they were lovin it. I even did my astrological sign minute analysis of personalities, which my friends are so bored of they could cry, and it was a hit (and totally accurate, thank you).

So, my advice for this weekend: while you are being fab at the races or swinging parties or NYC clubs (could I be more jealous as I will be in Kansas all weekend)—meet new people, dazzle them with your whit and humor and poise and remind yourself of all the cool things about your personality that are easy to forget when you have really great friends that just expect it.

Just don't make any commitments to these new people because who has the time?


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