Tuesday, May 10, 2005

T-Minus 1 hour until I drink it all away...

Sure, Happy Birthday, Steve. But mostly, happy (Logan Tavern) happy hour to his friends.

Steve's b-day has fit well into my frame of mind, which is: Holy shit, I am getting old.

1. Steve is staying at 21. He believes that he is not where he should be at 22. As I am two years older than him, I am not talking about the absurdity of his declaration...

2. I was watching one of my fav movies "Singles" yesterday when I heard the Bridgette Fonda character say: "I am 23, and not really where I wanted to be at this age." Oh my god, when did I quantum leap past the age of Singles...if I hadn't had just bought a large bottle of wine at ghetto Giant, I would probably have broke down.

3. I was at Mass over the weekend against my will (FTR) and there were MARRIED COUPLES younger than me with a 1-3 kids. My LORD it was too much...I had to leave and check out the abortion table (see post below).

4. I hate people who complain about their age because I really think my older friends are cool and my younger friends are idiots for worrying about getting older.

5. This paranoid fear of age has nothing to do with years, but rather that impending Waterloo that is marriage...condo buying...mortgage...kids...being fat...being boring...hating your life…sure, tell me it doesn't have to be that way, I won't believe you for a second.

It's going to be a gray goose on the rocks kind of night…


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