Thursday, May 12, 2005

Public Service Announcement: The hard reality, it's okay

To continue with my shock and awe series on various challenges in the dating world—I heard a startling confession from Maria the hottest CU bartender-ever last night over a little vodka and scotch with the girls.

Maria was getting hot and heavy with this new hot thang she's been "seeing." The challenge is she has a case of Jessica Simpson-itis. To the chagrin of this fella, he pulled a little Jason Biggs a la American pie. Maria was disgusted at this as she is a PRINCESS and such lewd glimpses in the day-to-day reality of having a rod, johnson are shocking at best.

My contention to Maria: It was a complement, which at the time may have been a little too close for comfort, the fact remains that like a fart during sex, you should just forget about it.

Hot guy: Drink it away and keep trying because Maria is worth it.

P.S. St. Ex is a lovely bar that is also enjoyable sober (who knew!)…I had never noticed until last night—spanks to Demetrius for the SoCo and lime shots…mmmm.


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