Sunday, May 15, 2005

Pretty in Pink Prom: Well, at least it was for charity.

I was a little concerned about two of the three people I brought to this little thang (I knew Cat in her black poofy dress would be perfect). My concerns were valid as my two friends did not have a good time, and we left early to meet up with the South Asian crew at Saki...which was also a lot of fun.

Overall, the band was great (hot lead singer, huh). The people were attractive and many of the dudes do-able (which is nice). Excellent, excellent decorations and interesting crowd (see below). I hope the dude throwin it wins the illustrious crown.

I was particularly interested in going to this to do some people watching and there were interesting moments / surprises:

Many of the people were dressed really cute. Loved the tuxes and side ponies, especially.

Drunk 35+ women having what may have been the best night of their entire lives (can we say swinging your heel above your head…wow).

Weird woman drunk/pilled-up and def dancing by herself until she slid into a speaker with glasses all over it. Absolute train wreck. Dear LORD someone stop me before I get there.

Danielle (who is also from Oklahoma) and had an excellent 'tude and interesting "boy."

Friendly Logan Circle fella Chris with attractive designer/gardener girlfriend.

Above average number of rude people. Lots of drinks spilled on me and my annoyed friends as well as lots of people pushing out of the way for their photos (NO apology!). Rude.

Bartenders very friendly and quick to poor a drink (at least for those that tipped).

Also, I have never worn a pink dress before (not my color) so that was alright.

Champagne being a part of the open bar was also a pleasant surprise.

Oh, and if you didn't go grind a little on the way to the bathroom on the second floor, you really missed out (lean back, lean back).


Blogger roosh said...

these field reports need pictures!

11:11 PM  
Blogger V said...

Thanks, I'll get on it.

9:38 AM  

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