Saturday, April 09, 2005

Saturday Night

So begins my blog as I prepare to get another hangover just as my other one is subsiding. Ah, the hazy euphoria of a night of drinking, being a drunk seems the most healthy form of escapism possible.

This evening we are going to enjoy a little new wave at Zuccabar. That's right fishnets and all we are coming out. It looks as if I just have one on each arm tonight: May and Steven. May is a crazy red-head who fits in no way your classic "Iowa girl" assumptions. Her functional alcoholism is only rivaled by Steven or me. Steven is everyone's fav gay, jew from Brooklyn who is always, always a memorable time.

To be honest, there are few moments better than just barely drunk and listening to music that makes you want to move your body. Hopefully, tonight won't suck and then tomorrow will be THE most productive day of my entire life. Minus the picnic we have planned to enjoy the cherry blossoms. That will be more in the non-productive drinking wine and sunshine category.

Hope your Saturday rocks out with its cock out.

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