Saturday, April 23, 2005

Rainy and who cares

It's a rainy DC day, which means it will be dead tonight. That's too bad as it is Saturday night after the LONGEST week of my life. The only positive is it is chilling out at work and aside from having to pop by Fox tomorrow, I am looking forward to a little dueling DJs at the Black Cat. Could there be a better combo than the Smtih's vs. The Cure...if there is I don't want to know about it.

A nice shout out to Mayrose for cooking a fab feast for me and my weary coworkers last night. The only down side to the evening is we got the intern so, so drunk. It is also too bad because she has a crush on Jus, and I am skeptical if he likes her. That's always a tough one. When you know they have a crush, but you also know the other isn't interested. Happens to everyone, I guess.

So the intern's drunk off of a glass, that's right, glass of wine. Can we just talk about how annoying it when people (let's face it, mostly girls) get drunk off of like two drinks? It's as if they are looking for any excuse, be it one fucking Whiskey sour, to act like an idiot. Now Amanda the intern is adorable, really, just as cute as a fucking button. I understand that lots of GW girls get drunk easy, which much work out nice for GW or slummin G-town boys...but what I don't understand is how their friends deal with it. I mean if I wanted to sleep with the intern who was wasted after a glass of Cheap White Wine then sure, that'd be great. But for those who take alcohol consumption seriously, it's downright embarrassing. I hate to make this a gender thing, but it's those girls who make me have to prove I can drink a guy under the table while my male counter part would just get a respectful nod (maybe). So i am conflicted: Should we just encourage the drunk girl who sleeps with dudes who wouldn't get action otherwise? Or, do we ask her to have a burger before she goes out, have some wine daily and keep her head in it for all those other women who like their whiskey like they like their men?


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