Monday, April 11, 2005

Logan I love thee and thee love Steve and Maria

Today, was a stellar day in DC. In fact, Steve, May and their other roomie, the hot Coyote Ugly bartender/NYC princess/general great person (Maria) had a nice brunch at Logan Tavern. And let's talk about Logan for a minute here. Okay, not only is the brunch about the best in town, the drinks amazing (bloody mary to-order or champagne and raspberry puree) but there is always drama with the servers. Basically all of them either have a crush on Steve or Maria. Today, was no exception as Steve rounded out the straightest weekend of his life with two of the waiters hitting on Maria non-stop. Cute, but a little much at the end so we had to peace out and hit the circle for a little sunshine and sake.

I would like to add that I enjoy, that's right, enjoy being old enough to cuss the shit out of my brunch with other people around and no one can say anything about it. Yeah, I'm two feet from a 45 year old woman and I am talking about cocks, cunt the whole nine and she can't say a damn word because I am an adult. It's pretty sweet, my friends, pretty sweet.


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